Wedding Gowns based on your Astrological Sign (Summer Signs)

At LeeAnne’s Bridal & Bliss Prom we absolutely love the idea of choosing your wedding dress based on your astrological sign! We believe that your wedding dress is one of the most meaningful pieces of clothing you’ll ever buy, and it should represent your personality. Your sun sign is the basics of who you are as a person, and that can be super helpful in choosing a dress that suits you! Keep reading to get some inspiration for wedding dresses if you’re one of these three summer signs:




Allure Bridals - Virgo 

August 23 - September 22



For a Virgo bride, it’s all about the details! Virgos appreciate attention to detail, whether it be appliqué, embroidery, threadwork, or pleating. Everything that's hard to put together but easy to wear will be loved by this bride!




Allure Bridals - Leo

July 23 - August 22



Leo brides tend to dream about feeling luxurious in their dream wedding dress, and quality is of the utmost importance to them. They like the best of the best when it comes to fabrics and design, which makes this particular dress perfect for a Leo! You’ll stand out and know that you made the best decisions at the end of the day. 

Morilee - Cancer

June 21 - July 22



Cancer brides are ruled by the moon, which means they’re led by emotions. Because of this, they tend to go for gowns that feel romantic and personal, which makes this particular gown a perfect choice for a Cancer! 

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